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Board Members

The current Board members are

Independent Chairman – Paul Davies

Paul has been involved with Paralympic sports since 2002. He has previously been Performance Director for wheelchair basketball, and more recently has been involved with wheelchair rugby. Paul is now a freelance sports adviser working with numerous and diverse sports including British Fencing, British Mountaineering, and Sport England.

Secretary – Viv Mills.

Viv’s responsibilities include management of membership, organising the training camps and the National Championships, entering the fencers into international competitions, organising Board meetings and the AGM, and keeping records of those meetings and attending the Performance Management Board meetings.

Assisting Viv are the following people:

Jo Gilliver – Facebook and Twitter

Najib Coutya – Updating the website

Treasurer: Adebola Odeyemi.

Adebola has responsibility for setting the budget, providing balance sheets for the board meetings, preparing the Annual Report for the Charity Commission, and for managing the bank account

Justine Moore – coaching wheelchair fencing

Shah Rashid – coaching wheelchair fencing.

Duncan Moyes – coaching children with autism in special schools in the North East.

Member: Adrian Speakman

Adrian has specific responsibility for making applications for funding from specific funding organisations like Sport England.

Member: Paul Marshall

Paul has just been co-opted onto the board and is currently without portfolio.

Peter Rome

WCP Coach

Peter has been qualified as a fencing coach since 1996, during that time he has coached members of the five nations national teams, gold medalists at junior and senior Commonwealth, British and Irish under 17 and Under 23 team, World and European medalists. Most notably he has coached and team managed medal winning performances at age group and senior world championships, with many firsts along the way. Double gold medal world cups, gold medal at foil, epee and sabre. Double world champions and the first Paralympic individual medal for 24 years.
He has also been an international referee, armourer and team manger to many major tournaments.
Competition performance coaching is Peter’s passion. Peter was appointed WCP Coach after the Rio Paralympics.

 Peter with Piers Gilliver

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