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Training sessions are held on a bi-monthly basis, alternating between Stoke Mandeville and Moulton College with other venues as applicable.

The weekend sessions are taken up with coaching, games, various exercise sessions and competition.

The weekends also provide a chance to catch up with whats going on in the fencing world and to learn about forthcoming competitions and social events.


BDF Training Calendar For 2020

13th and 14th June 2020 at Moulton College, Northampton.

February 1-2-Training Camp, Stoke Mandeville

April 14-17 Training Camp, Frejus

May 23 Training Camp at HSV Hatfield (TBC)

July 4-5 Training Camp, Moulton College

July 19-25 Camp and competition Troyes.

September 5&6 Training Camp, Moulton College

November 7-8 Training Camp Stoke Mandeville

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