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European Championship – Terni, Italy, September 2018

Dimitri Coutya – European Champion

The team went to Terni in buoyant mood. It paid off with a European title for Dimitri Coutya in the Cat B Epee to add to his World title from the previous year. He also added a bronze medal in Foil. Piers Gilliver was forced to settle for a Silver medal in Cat A Epee, in a repeat of the 2017 World Championship final against Shaburov of Russia. Gemma Collis-McCann had 2 L16 places in Foil and Epee.

The Men’s  Foil  team of Piers, Dimitri, Josh and Ollie were placed 5th.

Peter Rome giving the team briefing prior to competing

The men’s foil team with coaches Peter Rome and Ben Peggs

World Cup Warsaw Success

In July 2018 GB sent fencers to Warsaw for the Senior World Cup, and the Junior World Championships. It was a successful campaign with Dimitri Coutya picking up 2 gold medals in Cat B Epee and Foil, and Piers Gilliver collecting gold in Cat A Epee and bronze in Sabre. The men’s foil team of Piers, Dimitri, Josh Waddell and Ollie Lam-Watson took the silver medal, the first team medal in foil since Adam was a lad. 

There were also some good performances by the other fencers. Most notably Shah Rashid was placed 5th in the Cat B Sabre.

In the Junior World Championships Josh Waddell won a silver medal in the mixed nations epee team event.   


Dimitri with his two medals and two swords presented to the champions

Piers getting his gold medal.

Team Silver

Shah Rashid on his way to a 5th place

British Fencing Awards 2018

In September our fencers and lead coach had the honour of being recognised in the British
Fencing Awards of 2018, with Peter Rome winning the ‘Performance Coach of the Year’,
Peter Rome
and making the lists of ‘nalists were Dimitri Coutya in the ‘Athlete of the Year’ category and
Jonathan Collins in the ‘Sports Personality of the Year”
Jonathan Collins

National Championships 2018

In June 2018 our fencers competed in their National Championships, which also included a
National Novice Challenge for the newcomers to the sport.
In the National Championships the winners were Piers Gilliver in Cat A Epee, Foil and Sabre.
Piers also won outright the Master at Arms award.
In the Cat B event the winner was Shah Rashid who took all three titles.
In the women’s events, Gemma Collis-McCann took the Women’s Cat A triple. Justine Moore took the
Women’s Cat B triple.
In the Novice Challenge Emily Holder took Gold in the mixed Foil and Epee. Jonathan Collins
won the Sabre.
Congratulations to all our fencers.

Montreal World Cup 2018

Gold for Gemma

Gemma Collis-McCann and Oliver Lam-Watson produced career best performances to bring home three medals between them from Montreal. Gemma won Gold in the women’s epee beating Amarilla Veres of Hungary in the semi-final, and then beating her compatriot, Zsu-Zsu Krajnyak in the final. Like the number 7 bus you wait for ages for one to come along and then several arrive all at once. Having waited a long time since her last world cup medal, Gemma was on the podium a second time with a bronze in the foil. She was beaten by Hajmasi in the semi-final, but I don’t think Gemma will mind too much.

Oliver won a bronze in the men’s epee. He sailed through the poules winning 4 of his five fights, and fenced really well in his DE’s. He was beaten by Sim of Korea in the semi-finals, but that’s no disgrace.

Gemma and Oliver are to be congratulated on their performances.

Training Camps

  • 2nd and 3rd February 2019 at Stoke Mandeville
  • 6th and 7th April 2019 at Moulton
  • 7th – 12th April Azureva Camp, France
  • 13th and 14th April 2019 National Championships, Sports Dock, London (TBC)
  • 11th and 12th May 2019 at Moulton
  • 29th and 30th June 2019 at Moulton
  • 2nd – 7th July 2019 The Masters Training Camp, Warsaw (By invitation only)
  • 7th and 8th September 2019 at Moulton (TBC)
  • 2nd and 3rd November 2019 at Stoke Mandeville

BDF/British Fencing Collaboration


British Fencing (BF) and British Disability Fencing (BDF) would like to announce the proposed greater collaboration, and strengthening bonds between both organisations. The purpose of working collaboratively is to identify the number and needs of disabled fencers within the wider fencing community in order to support those fencers towards the goals they wish to achieve, be that social fencing, training camps or the ultimate goal of becoming a Paralympian. In order to do this, we would aim to support clubs and coaches with advice and training to help extend their knowledge to coach their wheelchair fencers and, for the future, any person with a disability.


There is a need to identify the current provision that is available to disability fencers across Great Britain. We would like to hear from clubs, coaches, parents, and fencers about the disability sessions they are part of. This will allow us to map out the current opportunities and provide support to any key areas that are already delivering disability fencing opportunities.


If you are involved in any form of disability fencing, please complete this short survey:


Dimitri Coutya  won one bronze and two gold medals, and Piers Gilliver won one gold at the recent Pisa World Cup. Such was the prowess of the British fencers GB finished third in the medal table, ahead of Russia. Piers beat his arch nemesis Shaburov of Russia 15-10 in the semi-final of the Cat A men’s epee, and went on to beat Matteo Betti of Italy, 15-11 in the final.

On day 1 Dimitri won bronze in men’s Cat B sabre, in only his second competition in the weapon. On day 2 he won gold in the men’s Cat B epee, beating Marcus Cratere of France 15-9. On day 3 he won gold in men’s Cat B foil beating Anton Datsko of Ukraine in the final 15-4. A great weekend of fencing. Shame about the weather!


GB Wheelchair Fencers Dimitri Coutya and Piers Gilliver excelled at the World Championships in Rome in November 2017.

Dimitri Coutya made history for Great Britain by winning both the Category B Foil and Epee titles and becoming a Double World Champion! Amazing work Dimitri! 
 Dimitri defeated Ukrainian, Datsko in the final of the Foil, and Sarri of Italy in the Epee. Piers Gilliver took Category A Epee Silver and Sabre Bronze, a great result! Piers’s sabre result was a real bonus as he switched weapons from foil this year, and beat the world number 1, Andryi Demchuk of Ukraine to make the semi-finals. Dimitri and Piers made sure that Great Britain were on the podium in all four events – great work !




GB Wheelchair fencers recently competed in Eger, Hungary, and came home with more medals and trophies. Dimitri Coutya won a gold in the men’s Cat B epee, beating Sarri of Italy 15-10 in the final, a repeat of the World Championship final. Dimitri also won a bronze medal in Cat B foil, losing 15-14 to the Russian Kamalov in the semi-final. Dimitri was awarded the IWAS 2017 champion for Cat B foil and epee.

Piers Gilliver won bronze in the Cat A men’e epee, losing 15-14 to the Russian Artur Yusupov in the semi-final. Piers was awarded the IWAS 2017 Cat A epee champion.

Also fencing in Eger were Josh Waddell (15 years) in his first senior competition. Josh gave a good account of himself in the Cat A epee competition, and also in the Foil Team competition. He also received the IWAS 2017 under 17 champion award.

Oliver Lam-Watson fenced in his first world cup competition and enjoyed a successful debut performance in both epee and foil. He also performed heroics in the Foil Team event.

Gemma Collis-McCann was the sole female fencer for GB. Gemma had a very good weekend in all three weapons, finishing 5th in women’s epee 11th in the foil and midway in her first sabre competition.

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