Tbilisi World Cup – The start of qualification for the IPC/IWAS Paralympic Games Tokyo2020

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The first qualifying competition for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics was held in Tbilisi in November 2018. It is the first time wheelchair fencing has been held in Georgia, and theteams were made very welcome by our hosts.

Piers Gilliver started in storming fashion taking the Gold medal in the Cat A Men’s Epee.

Dimitri Coutya was not far behind taking Silver in the Cat B Men’s Epee and Bronze in theFoil.

Gemma Collis-McCann had a L16 finish in the Cat A Women’s Epee, and L32 in Foil andSabre.

Ollie Lam-Watson and Josh Waddell both fenced well and had L32 finishes in Cat AMen’s Foil and Epee. It was also good to see returning fencer Mat Campbell-Hill in action.

The Men’e Epee team finished in 9th place.