Refereeing is essentially the same as for able bodied fencing. 

Training therefore is currently provided by home county associations for fencing (i.e England, NI, Welsh or Scottish Fencing) with referees then being able to familiarise themselves with wheelchair fencing through attending domestic and international competitions.

Important things to notes are :

  • Due to the close proximity of the fencers far more yellow cards are issued for fencers starting before the referee issues the command to start fencing. 
  • Fencers must keep their feet on the footplates of the chair and must not touch the piste with their feet.
  • The Epee apron must not cover more than the correct area as specified in the IWFC rules.
  • Referee Assistants may be appointed to check that the fencer is not lifting from the chair when attacking or defending.

Links to the rules for competition can be found on this website